Technical translation – English into French

We translate Web pages, user manuals, user interfaces, marketing documents, corporate literature, specification sheets, company profiles, sales catalogs, news releases, conference presentations, audio scripts, Help files, resource files, and general information sheets for the following industries:

  • Medical and medical engineering
  • Public health and medical journal articles
  • Industrial processes
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Telephony and mobile apps
  • Management and corporate training
  • Document production and authoring tools
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Security and MSDS
  • Human resources management
  • Textile and fashion
  • Arts and humanities
  • Tourism
  • International organization reports
  • WWW development, stability, and security
  • And more...

 Please, see our clients page for a list of current or past end-clients.

Once we receive your documents, we analyze them and give you a precise translation quote.  Translations are quoted according to the source word count.

All translations are carried out by native French speakers who often have uncommon life paths and a passion for cultures and languages.  We leverage any possible reference materials: similar projects translated previously from you or from third party publications, translation memories, glossaries, a previous version of a document, etc.   

As translation tools develop and evolve, we are able to handle a large number of file formats for written documentation, web publishing, user interfaces, multimedia production, and more.